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Application Development
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Application Development

Application Development

So... you want a web application?  Let me guess.  You have a retail store and want to start selling online?  Or, perhaps you want more control over when and where you update your web site content?  Wait, maybe you need a blog put on your site so you can better interact with your readers?  It may be none of the above, but you likely still need the expertise of an experienced application developer to help give your site a leg up on the competition.

No matter what function you want your web application (webapp) to perform, there are several key areas to keep in mind before getting started - usability, compatibility, reliability, security and scalability.

Often overlooked, the Graphical User Interface (GUI) serves as the face of your application. This is why it's imperative usability is maintained throughout your application.  A multitude of software packages and web tools suffer from poorly crafted user interfaces that were more likely designed by engineers than by end users. All too often, it's the step that is thought of last, after the toolset has been completely built, and moreover without any real-world testing. Site Assemble Internet Services can help you better plan your web tools rollout, assuring their usability.

Most companies have a particular set of requirements where hardware and software is concerned.  Are you in a Windows environment or perhaps something more open-source?  Your new web tools must be compatible with any existing applications and servers you already have in place. We can help insure a seamless integration.

Reliability must also be high on the list of requirements, because what good is a killer application that just won't stop crashing your server? Don't be forced to choose between high-performance or high-availability - you can have both!  And you can have it on your budget. There is no reason in this modern age to suffer with antiquated systems or an overworked IT staff left babysitting the web server.

Don’t become the victim of hackers who find the faults in your web application. These days it’s all too common, but it doesn’t have to be. As your mom rightly told you, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and it holds true to software as well. The security of your application is paramount, and we’ll make sure it stays locked down tight.

Lastly, but certainly not least of all, your software needs to be planned for the future, and needs to be able to adjust to changing needs, especially when short timelines are in place.  Scalability is as important as usability, because if your web tools cannot keep up with demand, or cannot adapt to a changing business environment, you’ll find yourself going back to pencil and paper.  And that’s not acceptable.

No matter the requirements of your web application, let Site Assemble Internet Services help you navigate the myriad choices while keeping the focus on the prize. Whether your application requirements are small or large, we can help guide you in the right direction.