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Interface Design
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Interface Design

Interface Design

You know, the thingy you're looking at right now! Okay, all kidding aside, your face to your customer is one of the most important aspects of your web site. It's the difference between a visitor being drawn in to read what you have to say, and a visitor being turned away by an inconsistent or unmemorable web site.

We'll help you start with the basics - branding, usability, functionality, interactivity and compatibility.

Your corporate branding begins with your logo and builds upon that with judicious use of color, symmetry and imagery. It's important for your branding to convey professionalism while instilling a sense of stability to your visitors. It's always best to look like a million bucks (even if you don't have to spend it to look good). Don't have a logo? Let us know and we'll be happy to help you with corporate branding and collateral.

Usability is one of the most overlooked aspects of a web site. Imagine going to your favorite site only to find they moved all the navigation on you? Now imagine they replaced the navigation with buttons that don't say anything? That would be a frustrating situation - one you simply don't want to repeat in your site. Now, that may be an extreme example, but do not overlook the importance of evaluating your site design for it's natural ease of use. Let Site Assemble Internet Services guide you through the important steps to get your site ready for mass consumption!

Search tools, custom applications, messaging, downloadable files... all part of your sites functionality. Be aware that your visitors will typically have a very short attention span (in fact, if you've read this far you are not the average user!), so keep your web site focused on only those features that will enhance the user experience. Don't be too wordy, too photo-happy, too convinced that your site needs every bell and whistle known to man! Keep it simple and targeted to your audience and you'll not only have happier visitors, but you'll be more likely to see them return in the future.

And what will bring them back, you ask? Here's where site interactivity comes into play. If you keep your content fresh and allow your visitors to be a part of your experience, they'll be sure to return. There are many ways to entice your visitors to become a part of your site. Do you have news to tell? Let them interact with you via a blog. Are you trying to sell a product or service? Create an interactive visual presentation of what your product or service provides your customer-to-be. Do you have documentation you're trying to provide? Create a download manager that tracks users so you can measure the success of your web site. There are many other ways to bring your visitors into the fold - just ask!

Lastly, don't let your web site developer tell you that your site will only work with their preferred browser. The web is for everyone, and it should be visible to everyone just the same. Sure, there may be some oddball browsers that less than 1% of users surf with, but the other 99% demand an equal presentation. Site Assemble Internet Services strives for compatibility across the most used web browsers across multiple computing platforms. We'll help you make sure you reach the largest possible audience.